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  • This green Jalapeno chilli pepper or Chipotle chilli pepper, goes brown once dried and smoked. Perfect for flavouring oils, sauces and vinegars. Scoville scale: 5/10 (strong)

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  • Habanero Chilli pepper is very powerful and is widely used in Mexico, the West Indies and the Réunion where it is also known as Goat pepper. Scoville scale: 9/10 (volcanic).

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  • This chilli pepper is obtained by crossing two varieties of extra strong chilli peppers. Be warned, it will not leave your tastebuds unscathed! Spices up sauces, chili con carne, pizzas and flavoured oils. Scoville scale: 9/10 (volcanic)

  • This powerful Bird pepper or Pili pili is very hot and has a longlasting taste. It will spice up your oils, pizzas, tomato sauces and chocolate desserts. Scoville scale: 9/10 (volcanic)